Decadent Birthday Feast Part 1: Breakfast

                            The birthday table with cake, scones, handmade birthday cards and paper flowers

My mother turned 65 yesterday. Quite exciting, actually, as soon she will retire and have lots of time to do whatever she likes, for example finally finish the patchwork blanket she started 20 years ago; by the way, my bed is still waiting for it.

Well, as this was a special birthday, I decided to make some lovely food to accompany her big day. Cake, scones and a delicious dinner.

so scrumptious 

 We started the day off with some homemade scones. I had prepared the dough the night before and froze it, so baking time took quite a bit longer than the recipe indicates. Aside from the scones we had some clotted cream substitute (mascarpone, double cream, tiny bit of brown sugar and a couple of drops of vanilla), strawberry jam and some freshly picked strawberries from the balcony. Very delicious, here you can find the recipe for the scones.

           Very tasty, scones topped with clotted cream and jam


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