Shoe Makeover Number Four, Five?

 I was in London during the first week of the Olympics, unintentional, I'd like to point out, but pretty amazing at the same time, all those people and all so helpful and friendly, especially those adorable Scottish policemen, who do not know London, but do try to help out. Well, while I eas in London I had to visit two shoe shops on Chiltern Street that have large sizes on offer, and to my delight they had sales on, imagine this, shoes in several differnet shapes and nearly all of them in my size and affordable, that is rare to come by here in Frankfurt. So these afore completely white Chuck-like-shoes were only about 10 Pounds, they nearly begged me to be taken back home, so I did them the favour. But white? I don't do white, so naturally they had to be dyed. I chose a turquise dye and mixed it with kelly green and got a dark turquise colour I love. After dyeing and drying I got out some acrylics and painted the shoes with flowers. 
Instant love.


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