Paris: Sweet Life - Dessert

Paris, was wäre Paris ohne göttliches Essen und was gibt es besseres als Süßspeisen??!!!
Ich bin ein absoluter Chocoholic und in Frankreich wurden all meine Schokoträume erfüllt, himmlische Tarte au Chocolat, Chocolate Eclairs, Schokoladenmuffins mit flüssigem Kern, Schokolade von einem erstklassigen Chocolatier, und und und.....ein wahres Schlaraffenland an cremig zartem Süßem. Hier sind ein paar Bilder der zarten Versuchungen, denen ich in Paris erlegen bin, zu sehen.

Paris, you cannot have a visit to Paris without delicious food and what is better than desserts???!!!
I am an absolute chocoholic and all my chocolate dreams were fulfilled in Paris - heavenly tartes au chocolat, chocolate eclairs, chocolate muffins with a liquid core, chocolate from a chocolatier, and and and...a true land of plenty creamy delicate sweets. Here a few of the sweet temptations I could not withstand.

Chocolate cake with runny core, heavenly
 chocolate melt, warmed up it just melts in your mouth
Creme Bruleé with a proper sugar cracking crust
 this is really for hardcore chocolate eclair fanatics, it is called religious chocolate
a box of macarons, one better than the other, from Christophe Roussel
 we were at Les Deux Magots at St Germain des Prés, expensive, but soooo worth it, I ordered hot chocolate, of course, and got this elysian creamy rich liquid made with real dark chocolate which added up to three huge cups, delicious
delicious chocolates from Patrick Roger, a tip from David Lebovitz, unbelievingly, Monsieur Roger has life-size heads of hippos made completely out of chocolate in his shop window, amazing, the chocolates have a few uncommon flavours, for example thyme, definetely delicious
so this was one of my mother's desserts, an apple tart, quite good, but nothing you couldn't get in Germany
 another of my mother's desserts, this is an apricot gazpacho with ice cream, we were at an expensive restaurant and it was sour, hm, not very enthusiastic about this one


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