MMMAY '14 First Week

Heya Guys.

Hope you had a lovely first four days of May and had no mishaps with any of your outfits.

So, it's Sunday, and that means the week is over and I get to blog about the outfits I wore for the first week of Me Made May '14.

I managed to wear three different dresses, I had one repetition, because I couldn't be bothered, to get out a new dress, but I combined with a jacket I made, thus I will not count this as a repeat.
 I don't believe I've got enough clothing to tie me over the enitre month, without repeating myself, but we'll see, once we get a bit further on in the month.

I have only been wearing knit dresses so far, because, when I'm at work, I frequently have to sit on the floor, and that is so much easier to do, than with a cotton dress, much more comfortable and I don't really what happens to my dress once it touches the floor.
But I will endeavour to wear my woven dresses soon.

So here you have my collection of outfits up until now, with the respective links to their posts and more information on them:

Day 1: One of my very first Knit Dresses, pattern taken from a bought dress
Necklace/Earrings- made by me
Long Sleeve from New Yorker
Shoes NoName
Day 2: Lady Skater Dress with Polkadots
Necklace from Six
Long Sleeve from New Yorker

Day 3: Lady Skater Dress with Pink Woolen Owl Jacket
Earrings/Dress made by me
Snoopy Socks from C&A
Shoes Onitsuka Tiger Rio Runner

Day 4: another Polkadot Lady Skater Dress
Earrings/Belt made by me
Long Sleeve from New Yorker
Shoes Onitsuka Tiger Rio Runner

A little side note, I love my new shoes, they are so comfortable and I love the colour combination of green and blue, I added the purple shoe laces, and now I just want to wear them all the time, and they are vegan, so yay for Onitsuka Shoes.


  1. Love the skaters, especially the turquise one!
    Wirklich schön geworden :-)
    Und ja, das ist zu schaffen, den ganzen Monat Me Made. Notfalls einfach noch was nähen :-)
    Herzliche Grüße,


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