MMMAY '14 - Week 2 round-up

Heya Guys.

Another week has come and gone and it's once again time to blog about my outfits I wore during the week.

On Day 5 I didn't leave the house, as Mondays are usually like Sundays to me, and I was just lounging around, reading and doing a little sewing. Just to be on par with only wearing me made at the moment, I donned a toile I made for my first Coco by Tilly and The Buttons, which is super comfortable, but only for home wear, it has no finished hem lines and is made from very lightweight knit fabric, so this is not what a Coco should look like at all, although I do like it. 
My real Coco will be posted later on in the month, you could spy it at the back, there behind me. 
I actually finished making it that day, just before I took that picture.

Day 6:
It was miserably cold, so I had to wrap up nice and warm that day, I even had to wear my winter coat, and this is supposed to be Spring. I wore one of my winter dresses today, with a long sleeve top and tights. This will probably and hopefully the last time I wear this dress, until winter is back again for real. 

Dress: Simplicity 2444, completely lined
Belt: S'Oliver
Tights: C&A
Shoes: Waldläufer
Earrings: made by me

Day 7:
It was still pretty cold, so I wore another winter outfit, two dresses on top of each other, a black knit jersey dress as slip and a knitted fabric dress as the main attire. I'm really fed up with the cold weather.
Earrings/Belt: made by me
Necklace: hand-me-done from my Mother
Tights: C&A
Shoes: Onitsuka

Day 8:
The cold weather hit me bad and I got a cold, runny nose, sore throat, the works. I was just lounging around the house again, just trying to keep warm, so I have several layers on.

Skirt: self drafted knit circle skirt, not blogged
Undergarment: black knit dress - Stoff and Stil 23046
Jumper: Marks and Spencer
Leggings: Pimkie
Shoes not pictured, but they are me made felt slippers

Day 9:
I've got a full-fledged cold now, sneezing, coughing, general unwell feeling, I'm feeling very down.
I had to venture outside to do the weekend grocery shopping, so I dug up an old skirt I've only worn about 5 times, I guess. I like the overall shape and design, especially the pockets, but it really isn't me. I totally forgot about it. Time to get rid of it? Make space for new clothes, I think I like that.

Skirt: Jeans Amy skirt by jolijou blogged here
Tshirt: C&A
Top: NoName
Leggings: Pimkie

Day 10:
Had to work, the long night of the museums was today, the theme was 70s Glamrock, I made my dress to go with the theme, we had a nice background and a photographer at the museum, so I got to make some psychedelic pics of me in the dress. We had lots of fun.

Dress: Flower Power Lady Skater Dress
Headband: me made done in the morning, took less than 10 min
Belt: me made
Top: New Yorker
Necklace/Earrings: Bijou Brigitte

Day 11:
Horrible weather, still ill, had to work the whole day, so I wrapped up very warmly, four layers top and bottom. I didn't want to wear anything too fancy, because I was working with glue and glitter, so I got another circle skirt out of the closet, which hasn't been worn since last year. I do like it, but I prefer dresses, so it doesn't get out and about a lot. I think I look as ill as I feel. Very raspy voice.
New unhemed dresses in the background.

Skirt: self drafted circle skirt
Leggings/tights/socks/tshirt: C&A
Top: New Yorker
Sweater: H&M, and now full of glitter
Scarf: Liberty

Gaps Identified So Far
  • Loungewear! Need some leggings, tops - longsleeve and normal tshirts.
  • Cardigans – I love them to bits, but I need to make some that go better with dresses, i.e. a lot shorter than normal cardigans, imagine Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory and her short waist length cardis.  I have yet to find a nice cardigan pattern, I like the Miette Cardigan, but I don't fancy knitting the whole thing.
  • I need more belts
  • Underwear --> basically anything that can keep me warm and cozy, although it's supposed to be summer anytime soon????  Please??!!!?!

    I got chills, they're multiplying 
    and I'm losing control
    , cause the power, you're supplying, it's ELECTRIfying! You better shape up...


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