MMMAY '14 - week 3

Another MMMAY '14 week has come and gone, and the first part was spent entirely in bed.

Day 12:
I felt very ill, I didn't manage to get out of bed, and the only thing I was able to grab, that was handmade, were these slippers my mom made me for christmas. They are great for keeping your feet warm, if you do have to venture outside of you bed, but they also keep you nice and cozy in bed, too.

Day 13:
Still bedridden, but a tiny bit better. I wore a knitted scarf and a ruffled top, I hadn't worn in ages, but as it's made out of knit fabric, it is comfortable. Very colour coordinated, if I may add. But honestly, I'm wearing a winter scarf, in May????!!!!??

Scarf: knitted, cotton wool.
Top: me made, blogged here
Sweater: Ulla Popken, taken in quite a bit and new buttons added, so it's upcycled

Day 14:
Back to work in several layers, felt a little better, especially with my new Moneta Crop Top. You can find the instructions for this pattern hack here. I paired it with a dress I wore during the first week of May, but as I'm wearing my new crop top, no outfit repetition ;)
I took the picture with flash, therefore you can see the stripes through the knit sweater fabric, I think it's fun.

Crop Top: me made, Moneta Pattern Hack by Colette
Dress: Skater Dress
Longsleeve Top: New Yorker
Tights: C&A
Earrings: me made
Necklace: hand-me-down from my mother

Day 15:
Freeeeezzzziiinnngggg!!!!!!! It's really winter weather, I just cannot believe how freaking cold it is. And this weather is not making me feel any better, neither mood- nor physical-wise, I think my cold has gotten worse, I'm so sick of it.
Layers, layers, layers. That is what I'm wearing. And winter coats and scarves and even gloves??!!?!
My camera had a few problems, so I had to do some alterations to the pics.

Dress: Simplicity 7600 made with knit fabric, blogged here
Longsleeve Top: New Yorker
Owl Scarf: Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam
Blouson: H&M
Two pairs of tights: C&A

Day 16:
The cold weather has slightly eased up, and while walking in the sun, still covered by several layers and winter coat, I saw several people in light summer jackets or just tops on. I was so envious, but I still have a cold and I do still feel the cold, so I'm sticking to warm clothing.
Top: me made, Burda 7866 but cropped, I didn't add the band at the bottom, added a neckband
Dress: bought but upcycled, I made it longer and added a polkadot satin band
White Top: NoName
2 pair of tights: C&A
Necklace: bought at a market stand

Day 17:
It has finally gotten warm enough that I don't need to wear my winter coat, YEAH. I still don several layers of clothing, as I've still got that damned cold, but at least I'm not freezing anymore. And I do realize that I have only been wearing knit outfits this week, although I promised myself to wear more woven dresses. Well, I have a little time left, so maybe next week, in Hamburg?
Dress: Burda Plus F/S 2011 #416a
Scarf: me made, knitted
White top: NoName
2 pairs of tights: C&A
And a new dress in the background, still has to be hemmed, that is five dresses now which would be finished and wearable but for their hems. Yeah, procrastinating...

Day 18:
Wonderful warm day today, I loved it. Spent the morning rummaging through piles and piles of fabric at the fabric market. That was really fantastic, warm weather, sun shining bright and looking, touching and buying lovely fabric, what could be better...?
Ah yes, I remember, going to Hamburg for the Holiday. ;)
To celebrate the day I finally wore a cotton dress, my first Emery dress and to finish the day off on a happy note, I managed to hem two of my dresses. Two down, three to go.
Dress: Holland Emery Dress
Belt: me made
Longsleeve top: New Yorker
Tights: C&A


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