Jugendstil à la Vienna

A week long holiday is great, even more so, when you can spend it in such a beautiful town as Vienna. Lots to explore and lots to see, and of course especially lots of lovely things to eat aka cakes.

I really enjoyed my stay here and was quite glad I could leave the horrible cold weather we have been having in Frankfurt behind me, it was only fresh during the first two days, otherwise we had sunshine and warm weather. Absolutely the right conditions to explore the lovely Jugendstil sights, and castles and even a buterfly house.

So bare with me when I now share with you a few insights into a lovely city with many fantastic old buildings.

We started our first day at the Naschmarkt, while I didn't take any pictures of the food stores themselves, I did shoot the Jugendstil buildings all around on the Linke and Rechte Wienzeile, they are just amazing and so pretty.

Just look at the beautiful paintings on this house, love it.

We discovered the Fillgraderstiege by happenstance while on the search for a nice background for my newest dress, if you go up the steps you are just a few steps away from a lovely fabric store with Africa prints, sadly they were on holiday, while we were there. Just hundred meters further along you reach the Mariahilfer Straße, a very long shopping street.

You can see several fantastic Jugendstil doors while wandering around the city, they are amazing.

Of course you have to look at teh Stepans Dom, while in Vienna and if you walk toward the street Am Graben you will come upon a Jugendstil toilet you can actually use, be sure to have 50 cents handy though.

Here you can see the indide of the toilet, I do not know what the men's toilet looks like, but the lady's toilet was dandy. Do try it out.

We were walking toward the Karls Platz when I spied a golden dome I jusThen I discovered it was the Secession and was happy as a clam, cos I really wanted to see that building. The golden dome is really an eyecatcher.

The best advice I can give if you decide to visit Vienna, get a weekly train ticket, discover the city by tram and especially walk, walk, walk.  We really did a lot of walking in Vienna, I was quite sore in the evenings, but we wouldn't have seen most of the most interesting places, had we just used the public transport. For instance we would never have gotten to see this Jugendstil bridge - die Hohe Brücke. 

An we would definitely have never seen the Orient Hotel right next to it.

You can go up this lovely little stairway and go on exploring. 

Vienna is a lovely city to visit and we had a wonderful time there.


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