Exploring Vienna's Tourist Sights

Okay, I've got one last Vienna post left for you to and then you can decide for yourself, whether you should go and experience Vienna on your own. Of course you have heard and seen pictures of the most famous sights Vienna has to offer and naturally we had to have a look ourselves and, yes, they are amazing. I'm going to share pics of the ones I enjoyed the most with you and which will go into our calendar for next year. 
Yeah, we have started the habit of getting a new calendar with pictures we took through out the last year to reminiscence over in the new year, go figure.

One of the best memories will be the visit to the Prater. Yeah okay, so cliché, but come on, it's really grand and not that expensive. If you go there by tram, tram 1 that is, you have quite a long but very nice walk through the park along the Praterallee and then you have this amazing view of the ferris wheel.

And when you're on it you get a grand view of the whole of Vienna.

A little tiltshift action gives you this cool miniature effect, I love it.

If you prefer a little more culture, then go visit some castles, there are quite a few on offer in Vienna. Our hotel was about two stops away from the Schönbrunn Palace. We didn't go inside the building, but went around the park instead. They have a zoo there too, and a labyrinth, but you have to pay extra for that, and we didn't feel like going in, and the park really is amazing, so that was enough.

While we were there, wedding shoots were taking place, and you must admit, it is a beautiful backdrop for wedding pics.

This is the back of the palace where you can walk around the gardens with this huge Neptune Fountain and the Gloriette at the top of the hill. It is quite a hike up to the top, but well worth it. And it is obviously quite good for workouts too, coz I saw quite a few joggers running to the top and then going around the entire gardens for there after work run. 
Quite a cool area to get in shape, don't you think?

So, once you've managed to get to the top without wheezing too hard you get to admire the Gloriette in full. To make up for your imposed workout you can go inside and have coffee and cake in the Gloriette Café.

This is me, quite happy, before I got bitten by a mosquito, which swelled to enormous proportions through the night, which had me scared straight for days, it was sooo huge and hard, I thought I had a thrombosis, yeez, it hurt so bad, no itching, just pain, bah, I'm never going to go into the wild ever again, no no, never, never ever. We are never ever getting back together.
Oh, well, okay, maybe, we will.

If you can manage to take your eyes of the Gloriette and your cake, turn around and admire Vienna.
There, it was worth it, climbing up to the top, wasn't it?

If you haven't had enough of palaces, then you can go to Laxenburg. It takes about a half hour by bus to get there. My mom used to work here, yeah, really, she did, my mom and dad actually met here, so this is kinda part of our history ;) 

This is the Laxenburg Palace with offers you a huge garden to wander about. Once you get to the pond you can take a tiny ferry to reach the Franzensburg, which looks like a really old castle, but was actually built after the Laxenburg castle. You have to ring a bell to get the attention of the ferryman, and you do have to pay him, if you want to be set over to the castle.

Okay, so I just had to throw in this picture of an H&M store housed in this cool building on the Kärntner Straße. Mainstream clothing in a lovely one of a kind building. Just strange.

It was another happy happenstance that we discovered this Jugendstil clock, the Ankeruhr. The clock changes its figures each hour, the panel tells you who shows up at which hour.

Naturally, we had to have a look at the Hunderwasser house. I'd love to live there, it would be a great place for artists, but I doubt it would be very affordable for a struggling artist trying to make it in the world, this speaks rich people to me, only they could afford to live, but one can dream.

Have a peek at the toilet, while you're there, be inspired and maybe try it out in your bathroom?

While we were in Vienna, Tom Cruise was there as well. We came upon this crowd of people watching the happenings around the Staatsoper. They even reported on the Mission Impossible 5 movie shoot on the news. Here they were just rehearsing, the actual shooting took place at night. We did not get a glimpse of Tom Cruise, but that's okay, it was far more interesting watching the people watching.


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