Ginormous Polkadots Dress

So I have had two nice free days, yesterday was spent going to Ikea and giving out far to much money on things I really needed, no really, I needed more hangers to hang up all the new dresses I'm going to make, and boxes, to store my clothes away, if I can't find any place to hang them, yeah, and of course I needed to add more bed linens to the gazillion I got already. Today I helped a friend make a slip to go under the rather clingy dress we had already made, and added some lace to jeans holes, and had cake, yeah, coconut orange cake and vegan too, delicious.
And then I also spent some time on taking pics of a few items I've sewn recently. So, there you go, my newest accomplishment, mx ginormous black and white polkadot dress.

Yes, I did it again. I made another polkadot dress, and again, it is black and white, no colour in sight.
What the hell is going on with me???? I've got at least 5-6 dress that are black and white now, well I guess I could jazz them up with some colourful accessories, but I don't really think this one needs jazzying up, do you?

I found this lovely, I suppose viscose? fabric in Amsterdam last year, and it has been sitting on my shelf for the right moment. Which was, when I finally had the courage to cut into the fabric. 
Black Polkadots on white, ginormous polkadots at that, nuff said.

But, and there is a big but, I haven't had the courage to wear it yet, this is not a dress you, well maybe you, but I definitely would not wear to work, so I need some kind of special occasion, and that just hasn't turned up yet. Unfortunately, it is a summer dress, so it will probably be packed away soon. Ahhh, sooo sad.

For the bodice part I used the Emery bodice, but modified it quite a bit. Actually, I just wanted to change the neckline into a heart shape neckline, but it was gaping at the shoulders, so I pinned and tucked and ended up with kinda princess seams, which also hiked up the bodice quite a bit. 
Yeah, yeah, should have done a muslin, but I'd made the Emery dress sooo many times now, I didn't think it would be that difficult. We, you live and you learn. So I messed up, NEXT.

As to pattern matching, yeah, that's not happening, anywhere, not at the front, nor at the back. But, heck. I don't feckin care...LOOK AT THAT SKIRT...IT SWISHES!!!!!!!!

Whatever else is going wrong with this dress, I really don't give a damn, because I love it!!! I love the polkadots, the neckline, the SKIRT, and look, come take a closer look, I used elastic lace to hem the circle skirt, sooo pretty. And yeah, I lined the dress with white taffetta, it's not ironed, so stop staring, it's rude.

But let's stop talking now, let's just TWIRL


  1. It looks fantastic. I love dots.
    Greets Jacky

    1. Thank you, I can't get enough of dots, I guess I will have to plaster my entire life with polkadots ;)

  2. You look sooo happy & beautiful! More of that, please!
    Lol, Kate

    1. Well, Mary was there at the time and we had a blast, well next time you'll have to be there too, even more fun!!!


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