Bye Bye 2014 - Welcome 2015


So, 2014 has come and gone and we have welcomed in the new year with lots pf sparkles and fireworks. 
I actually just watched everyone setting of their fireworks and it was quite pretty to watch, though I did manage to get hit by a rocket - it landed on my foot, fortunately nothing bad happened. 

I quite liked last year, I endeavoured to tackle new sewing techniques and projects, i.e. a rolled hem, serger sewing and an entire coat, made several knit dresses and yeah, I mostly made dresses this year and I will undoubtedly make more this year. I can now say, that I usually wear at least one handmade garment each day of the year, if not two or three and overall these are outerwear pieces.

Let's have a little round-up of the clothes I made last year.
Of all the garments I made in 2014 I'm especially proud of my Vogue coat, I love it and I really feel accomplished, having made it and wearing it ;-), I also love my Hawthorn dress to pieces and can't get enough of the skirt pattern and thus have used it on several other dresses, to get the same twirl effect. I also love my swing dress so much, that I made another one and have plans of making at least another three, all in ponte knit, as I definitely need lots more knit dresses, because they are just so comfortable but still look fantastic. 

For this year I am planning to try and make nearly my entire outfits handmade, dresses, tops, sweaters, another coat, exceptions will be tights and probably also leggings, but I also intend to make bras, panties and even socks, I already made one pair of striped socks and I'm totally in awe of their fit and pattern. While craftsy was having their Black Friday sale I bought the bra fitting class and as I was given some bra fabric, I only need a pattern and we'll be off to making lots of fantastically fitting bras (well, hopefully), and pants shouldn't be a problem either. 

So, let's finish this post with my sewing goals for 2015: top of the list 1. make another coat, 2. make a bra, 3. make more knit dresses, 4. do more hand sewing, 5. get a better fit on everything, especially on the shoulders

I think that will do for now and so:
I wish you the best that 2015 has to offer and a creative year of fun, productive
and overall colourful sewing!


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