Coco Loco Take Two

These pictures seem very familiar, don't they, well you, once I'm in a flow I like to do everything at the same time, so naturally, as it was time to take pics of my four new jackets, I decided to do it right there, all in the same spot, so the oics are the same, only the outer wear changes.

So I present to you, my fourth jacket in a row, but my second Coco by Schnittchen.

I've really mentioned the important details already, which went into making this pattern in my post on the first coco, the only difference is, that the sleeves are slightly less long then in my first take, not intentional, the sleeve lining somehow tunred out to be a little too short, so I had to adjust the outer fabric sleeve length. Therefore the sleeves are shorter, but still longer then the pattern pieces would make you cut them. Nevertheless, this length of sleeves are perfect for bangles, lots and lots of bangles.

The fabric choice was inspired by True Bias' Coco, as she chose a black and white graphic art pattern, and I was delighted when I discovered this slightly stretchy fabric with black and white diamond shapes. To give it a little more oomph, I decided to use bright pink lining fabric. Unfortunately it crinkles horrible, but it's only to peek out, not be full on visible.

I also decided to close the jacket with frog closures again, because I just think it looks really pretty, both closed or open. In the bottom picture you can see that the lines of the rhombi nicely line up.
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