Let's Go Loco - Coco Loco

Before you say anything, the bottom edge of the jacket is definitely level, that's the crux of having to take pictures all by myself, no one tells me, that it's not straight. 
All by Myself, don't wanna take pictures, all by myself, anymore, anymore, anYMOre.
Well, at least I'm smiling in these pics, that's something.

Have you seen True Bias blog post on her Blazer, the Coco Blazer by Schnittchen? When I saw it, I just gasped and thought, WANT!! This has to be mine. Then House of Pinheiro and Judy Dies und Das followed suit and showed their versions and I couldn't resist any longer and bought the pattern.
It's a cropped blazer with no front closures and completely lined. I bought the PDF-pattern, and you get German and Englisch instructions and seperate pieces for jacket and lining. The instructions are simple text instructions, so it's really for experienced sewers, although it isn't that difficult to sew, if you need more detailed help in the way of pictures, Schnittchen offers that here.

The jacket is very versatile, a simple in-between season jacket, which just works right with my wardrobe - accompanying my dresses perfectly. I can imagine this jacket in lots of different colours, maybe I could make one for each of my dresses, make it an entire outfit? Yeah, okay, black goes with nearly anything, but, you know, Spring, Summer means colour, not dreary black, although I do love this fabric very much, it's fabulous, it's quite firm, has a little stretch to it and is entirely embroidered. What it's made of, I have no idea. The lining I used for this is very soft and silky, but I guess it's something synthetic, but it feels and looks great. Both outer fabric and lining don't wrinkle, so that's cool.

Changes I made: I lengthened the sleeves, the original offers 3/4 sleeves, I'm not that big a fan of those. I also added frog closures. Rachel encountered the same problem as me - it fits nicely, when held together, when it just hangs loose, not so much. And the frog closures give the jacket a hint of the Orient.

This is the first time I used a pattern by Schnittchen, but now that I have discovered her, I am quite impressed. She offers simple lines, quite modern and I had to buy her new book on plus sizes, which offeres a nice range of clothes, which I will have to explore soon.

I have been wearing this jacket on and off, when the weather allows it, mixing it up with my other Coco and my two Rigel Bombers, mostly it was too cold to wear it, and then too warm. But usually in the mornings works fine.

Here you can see a close-up of the embroidered fabric and the frog closures and you can see it is indeed level

The details
Fabric: black embroidered stretchy fabric, silky lining fabric
Notions: Thread, light interfacing and frog closures
Pattern: Coco Schnittchen
Changes made: longer sleeves, added frog closures
Another one/Recommendations: Have made my second one already and the third one has been cut out. And as it's not a dress, you don't have to dread the hemming, that's really a breeze, and finally I know how to attach the sleeves to the lining without any visible seams on the outside.


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