Meet Anna Hawthorn

 So it's been a while, since I last posted. Well, life has been rather busy the last few weeks. When you're working hard, making money, some things get left on the back burner. I had to choose between doing sport, imperative, and sewing and blogging. Sport won out, coz I've been getting rather unfit lately and I have to get back on track. Sport ist Mord, but nevertheless, if ye wanna eat cookies, ye have to do the work...out.
This is not to say that I haven't been sewing, far from it, just fewer garments, which will be blogged soon enough. So let's start with the usual, a dress.

At the last farbic market I discovered this fabric and it looked familiar, but regardless, I took it home with me. Now imagine my face while storing this fabric, as I discovered another bolt of the same fabric already in my stash. Yeah, epic face palm. To my benefit, the fabric I had in my stash is Jersey, the new fabric is cotton, so not that big of a faux pas, but you realize, I obviously really like this pattern. Naturally I had to embark on using this fabic ASAP.  Hence this dress.

I adore the Anna Bodice by By Hand London (that just doesn't seem right, by by, add another by and you've got N'Sync jumping around here, well, okay, Justin wouldn't be to bad, I suppose ;)
Okay, on with it, I like the pleats, the boat neckline and the Kimono sleeves, they are just not long enough for my unsightly arms, so I lengthened them. In addition I shorthened the front pleats by about 3cm, otherwise they go up to high.  I also made the neckline a little lower, because the original neckline contricts my neck and I feel choked.
I left out the zip at the back, because I prefer to slip dresses over the head without having to bother with zipping up or down.

I don't really like either of the Anna skirts, they are just not flared enough for my taste, so I used the Hawthorn skirt, just like I did with my first Anna Hawthorn dress.
While cutting the Hawthorn skirt out, I didn't cut out two pattern pieces, but put it on the fold and while sewing, gathered the top to fit it to the bodice waistline.
As everything was sewin and it was time to hem, my mother thought the dress was a little short, so, to appease my dearest mom, I lengthened the dress with a plain strip of fabric.

The dress is completely lined, in bright pink, even the sleeves, which means I ultimately made two dresses, top layer and bottom layer, and...I regret having to mention this, it is too warm for the weather we are having at the moment. I have been wearing my first Anna Hawthorn dress, which is also lined, but I used batist for the first dress, 100% cotton for the second, far too warm.

As the dress is made with one of my favourite skirt patterns - a semi-circle skirt, I have to show you a picture of me twirling about, the post wouldn't be complete, without it.


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