Vionetta or Vienetta

Jersey dresses, I love you so. Is there anything more comfortable than wearing something stretchy all day long? Combine it with a cool pattern and you've won my heart.

I have mentioned more than once before that I like wearing dresses, as long as they are in the fit and flare style, I'll wear it. Cotton, voile, chiffon all make great dresses, but really, Jersey Dresses are the best. So I am always on the look out for new and cool jersey patterns. So far I have mostly made Indie pattern jersey dresses, I started off with the Lady Skater dress, then the Coco dress,  after that I added the Tiramisu  and the Moneta dress to my pattern stash, followed by Toni  and finally I bought Violet. I've made at least one dress of each pattern, Lady Skater four or five times and the Moneta comes close to that number, well at least the bodice does.

Blog posts to these dresses:
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Violet by Bluegingerdoll: see here, well the skirt part at least, the dress I made has not been blogged yet

I rather like the fit of the Moneta bodice, but the skirt is not flared enough for my taste, but the Violet skirt is absolutely perfect and so I matched Moneta and Violet together and ended up with a Vioneta, I'd rather call it a Vienetta, though, works so much better with this weather, as it's hot, and as it used to be my favourite of all ice creams as a child it calls up lots of lovely childhood memories of Cornwall, where I was obsessed with Vienetta. Unfortunately, I can't eat it anymore - milk products and vegan eating habits don't get along, but at least I can dream about someone inventing a vegan version, anyone out there??? Please???!!!

I didn't change anything about the the pattern pieces, the fit right out of the box, although, I did make the sleeves slightly longer, but I did manage to make the skirt a little too short, hence the added band at the bottom again.

The fabric was bought once again at the fabric market  and I managed to squeeze out another bodice for a Toni - Violet combination. I just adore this fabric. It's good quality interlock by some German designer I think and it just feels so fun wearing it.

I've got quite a few positive comments on this dress already, so far, all the ladies love it.
But how could you not, it's just gorgeous.

And it swirls.


  1. Ein wirklich schönes Kleid. Hier habe ich gefunden wie ich meine nächste "Moneta" nähen werde. Wirklich ein schönes kleid und der Stoff ist fantastisch. Das Kleid steht Dir wunderbar !


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