Zeena is chasing all the Butterflies

When the new pattern by By Hand London came out, I had to buy it straight away - sleeves, loose fitting and pleats???!!! That's my kind of pattern. But what really inspired me to buy the pattern was this version made up by ooobop, it's gorgeous. I adore the polkadots and red colour. 

 I made variation 1 - long sleeves and long skirt, which would normally hit you below the knee, but as I'm soo tall, it goes to just mid kneelength. I had to tweak the back bodice a little, as the pleats made it look a little awkward, so I replaced the pleats for darts, I also widened the pleats on the front bodice a wee bit, as there was a bit too much fabric at the sides. Again, now zip, as I just don't won't to hassle with them, when I put on dresses.

The fabric is a quite lightweight cotton, so it doesn't hold the pleats too well, but I guess it's okay for now, the next zeena will be made from a heavier weighted fabric. I bought the fabric at the fabric market and actually only bought it, because I was thinking of my best friend, when I saw it, as she's a complete butterfly fanatic nut. It's cute when close up, but not too obvious, when you're further away.

As I wanted to use as much of the fabric as possible, because butterflies - awesome!!!! - I used the entire width of the fabric and made the pleats of the skirt wider to compensate the added width. Now I've got a lot of skirt, just as I like it. I hemmed the skirt with white bias tape, which gives it a tiny bit more body. 

 The dress is completely lined with some white synthetic lining fabric, as it would be a little see-through, if I hadn't and it hangs better that way. I strated the day off with socks, but as it got gradually warmer and then hot, I had to take them off. Bad idea though, because....blisters.

In the background you can see Petite France in Strasbourg early in the morning, we enjoyed a lovely view on a deserted bridge, as it was Sunday and apparently everyone was sleeping in, obviously tourists don't do that,

 That's all for now. Enjoy the warm weather, while you can, it won't last that long.


  1. Sehr hübsches Kleid! Der Stoff ist so süß. :)

    1. Dankeschön, ja der Stoff ist wirklich süß, aber eben nur im Close-up als solches erkennbar, also kann ich fast heimlich dem Mädchensein frönen ;)


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